Dumpster Rentals in Wake County, NC

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It isn't difficult to order a dumpster and get it delivered to your house in Wake County. The only hard part is filling it up! When you have a big cleanup job looming in front of you, rent a dumpster and make life a little bit easier.

Whether you are building a new home in the Research Triangle or working on a shopping plaza in Bishops Grant, you can partner with a great dumpster rental service. It's one less thing to worry about.

20 yard dumpster with concrete in parking log in Wake County NC

Things You Should Know Before Renting a Dumpster

If you've never rented a dumpster before, you might be wondering what kind of roll off dumpster rental you should get.

People and businesses rent dumpsters all the time. If it's your first time, it's normal to have questions.

  • What kind of dumpsters are there?

  • What size dumpster do I need?

  • Where does my rented dumpster go?

  • How do I fill up the dumpster?

  • Are all materials allowed in the dumpster?

  • Is it environmentally friendly to rent a dumpster?

  • How much does it cost?

Keep reading to find responses to all these questions and more. And, if you need more information or customized advice, you can always contact your waste disposal company for answers.

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Types of Dumpster Rentals

Most roll-off dumpsters are made to accept many types of waste, but we make sure to give you the exact right one for your project, to keep your financial and environmental costs as low as possible.

You can rent dumpsters for home use. Wake County residents frequently rent dumpsters to clean out garages, attics, and even entire houses.

Some reasons you might need to rent a dumpster for your home:

  • You're moving

  • You're having a big event

  • You are remodeling a space

  • Spring cleaning is coming up

  • Your renters left a mess

  • Your garage sale is over

  • You are getting a new roof

  • You're refreshing your backyard

These are just some of the reasons why people rent dumpsters for home use. It can make a big task much easier. Whatever the project, you can get the same great service whether you live in Raleigh or Holly Springs.

C&D dumpsters are available for any job site. Roll off construction dumpsters make it easy to dispose of construction waste and keep your job site clean, which makes your team safer and more efficient.

If you need to get rid of heavy items like concrete and bricks, we offer specific concrete dumpsters with increased weight limits. If you have a combination, we recommend you get 2 dumpsters, one for the concrete and another for the other construction waste. This will keep your costs down.

You can get next-day delivery and pickup for your job site when you work with the best dumpster rental companies. We provide excellent service with special volume pricing to serve your business in the best way possible.

Leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, and branches are lighter than most other waste - so why pay for more than what you need? We provide dedicated yard waste dumpsters with sensible weight limits.

Not only will you save money when renting a dumpster for yard waste, but you'll help us divert organic waste from landfills. We send the organic material to recycling facilities that turn it into mulch and other products. Your yard waste can be placed in the dumpster chipped, bagged, loose, or whole.

Many businesses will benefit from a more recurring dumpster service. If that is your case, Sourgum Waste also provides commercial dumpsters for recurring commercial trash and recycling pickup.

If you are low on space, contact your waste disposal service to see if they have a roll-off compactor that you can rent. This is the most effective solution to lower your waste bill.

When you need a dumpster for commercial use, be sure to find a waste disposal company that provides the level of service your business requires. Request a free waste audit from Sourgum Waste and find out how we can help you save on your organization's waste bill.

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How Much It Costs to Rent a Dumpster

Of course, most people want to know what a dumpster rental will cost them before renting. The answer to that depends on four things, and it's impossible to know without gathering this information. The location, materials, weight, and size of the debris will affect the price of your dumpster.

When you rent a dumpster, your waste has to end up at the right place. Not all waste is accepted at all waste disposal facilities, and sometimes, there is a fee at the nearest facility will affect the price.

What type of materials you are throwing away will determine the cost of your rental. If you have waste that we can recycle, it might cost less than normal garbage, but if you have materials that need special handling, it will cost more.

You might also need to keep some materials separate, which could mean that you need to rent more than one roll-off dumpster.

Weight can be the biggest factor in determining the price because it just costs more to haul extremely heavy materials. Most dumpster rentals have a base weight limit for regular waste materials, and if your waste is heavier, you can add on extra tons.

It costs more to pay for extra weight after your dumpster has been filled, picked up, and weighed at the transfer facility, so it's best to order the right weight limit from the start. If you have questions, your waste disposal company can help.

Dumpsters come in different sizes, corresponding to how many cubic yards they can hold. The most common sizes are 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters.

Finding the right size dumpster is critical to keeping your costs low. If you order a dumpster that is too small, or too big, it will drive your project costs higher.

Dumpster Sizes in Wake County NC

10 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

A 10 yard dumpster is the smallest size available, and is best if you do not have a lot of debris or the space to fit a larger dumpster. A 10 yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of material, about 4 pickup truck loads, typically holds approximately 2 tons of debris.

A 10 yard dumpster's dimensions that is offered by Sourgum Waste's rent a dumpster division.

Base Package:

Delivery and Pickup. 2 Tons of Disposal.
Transparent Pricing No Hidden Fees.

Enter your address or town to see pricing.

How to Order

Online Ordering is Fast and Easy

It's simple to order a dumpster online. You can also get a quick online quote if you're not ready to commit.

When you rent your dumpster in Wake County from Sourgum Waste, you get friendly service no matter how you order. If you prefer to speak to someone, you can call us at (732) 366-9355.

Whichever way you place the order, you need to provide some basic information:

  • Your location

  • What type of materials you have

  • What day you want your dumpster delivered

And that's it. It's that simple. We will take care of the rest.

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Preparing for Delivery

Tell Us When

Dumpster delivery happens when you want it to happen. When you order, you can specify the date that you want your dumpster delivered.

You don't need to be home, either. If you do want to be home, make sure you ask your Sourgum Waste Customer Success Agent for a delivery window so that you don't have to wait around all day.

Dumpster Placement

Where should your dumpster go? Roll-off dumpster delivery requires space, so you'll need a spot that has at least sixty feet in front of where the dumpster is going to be placed.

There also needs to be 23 feet of vertical space so that the delivery truck can raise up to let the dumpster roll off the back.

If you know where you want your dumpster, you can mark it clearly, and then make sure that there isn't anything in the way. Clear the area of all vehicles, kids' toys, and other obstructions.

You can also send a photo of where you want it to go to the rental company. We at Sourgum Waste also use Google Maps to make sure that delivery goes smoothly.

Dumpster Permits

Permit requirements vary from one location to another. Some towns only require a permit if you want your dumpster to be put on the street. Others require one even if you want it put in your driveway, and some don't require permits at all.

Usually, a dumpster permit is regulated by the city, so check with your local office for more information. You can also ask your waste disposal company when you order your dumpster.

Dumpster Pick Up

Dumpster pick-up is the easiest of all. When you're done filling up your dumpster, call and ask us to pick it up. Otherwise, we will automatically pick it up at the end of the rental period.

If you need more time, you can call and ask for an extension. Daily flat rates are available.

Dumpster Rental Periods

Most waste disposal companies, including Sourgum Waste, offer a complimentary rental period for roll-off dumpsters, and you can choose to have it extended for a flat rate per day.

But some customers sometimes need dumpsters for longer. Call us to ask about longer rental periods and volume discounts if you have a big construction job in Wake County, we'll work on pricing that longer rental for you.

More to Know About Dumpster Rentals

Now you know the basics of renting a dumpster, but you might still have some questions, particularly about what can and cannot go in a dumpster.

Regular household waste, like anything you would usually throw in a garbage can, is okay to go in a dumpster. But hazardous items, like some paints and batteries, need to be disposed of properly. Read the Sourgum Waste guide for what can and can't be placed in your dumpster rental.

Reduce, reuse, recycle wording on a recycled card

Recycling in Your Area

If you aren't sure whether or not you should throw items away, visit the county webpage for your area. There are many resources for sustainable recycling and upcycling all types of waste.

As always, Sourgum Waste is there to answer any questions if you still need more information.

Find the Best Waste Disposal Company in Wake County, NC

There are a lot of dumpster rental companies to choose from in Wake County. How do you know which one is the best?

The best dumpster rental companies have these qualities:

Fair and Honest Pricing

Look for a reputable company that won't surprise you with hidden fees. Sourgum Waste wants your dumpster rental story to be a success, and they will do everything they can to make sure that you aren't overcharged.


It's easier than ever to find customer reviews for a business. The right dumpster rental company will have rave reviews. They also take the time to answer negative reviews to try and make things right with their customers.

Environmentally Friendly

A modern waste disposal company should be committed to eliminating waste and making the world a cleaner place. Sourgum Waste is changing the status quo of waste management by using its own modern technology to create upcycle streams and divert waste from landfills.

For every dumpster that is rented through Sourgum Waste, they donate money to plant a tree. In partnership with One Tree Planted, Sourgum Waste is working to offset its carbon emissions to offer truly sustainable waste disposal services.

Sourgum Waste celebrates planting a tree for every dumpster rented in Wake County NC

With Sourgum Waste You Make a Difference

When you rent a dumpster from us, you not only get great service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the planet. For every dumpster rented through Sourgum, we make a donation to One Tree Planted , an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every order = one tree planted. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time and order your roll-off dumpster rental today!
Trees planted so far: 32,923

Rent Your Dumpster Today

When you have the information you need, it's easy to rent a dumpster. Partnering with a reputable waste & recycling company means you will get the best service at the best prices, and you won't have to worry about hidden fees. When you partner with Sourgum Waste, you get to be part of environmental solutions in waste disposal to create a cleaner tomorrow.

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