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Storage Container Rental

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Storage Container Rental for Every Need

From construction sites to pop-up offices and more, Sourgum has your storage container needs covered! Discover our secure and adaptable solutions for all your temporary storage or workspace needs.
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Affordable Storage Container Rentals Near You

Sourgum offers versatile storage container rental solutions across the East Coast! Whether you're managing a construction project, hosting an outdoor event, or renovating your home, rely on Sourgum for secure and flexible storage containers.

Our container rentals are ideal for:

• Construction Sites

• Temporary Offices or Classrooms

• Outdoor Events and Festivals

• Film and Entertainment Sets

• Workspace Expansion

• Temporary Storage

What Types of Storage Containers Are Available?

Sourgum offers a range of storage containers, office containers, mobile offices, multiplex offices, and sales offices in various sizes. See the options below:

Infographic of storage container sizes available through Sourgum

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Temporary Storage for Work Space

Our office containers and mobile offices come in multiple sizes and can be used far beyond the office context. If you need any of the below, consider Sourgum's storage containers.

  1. Construction Site Offices: Set up portable offices to facilitate project management and coordination.

  2. Retail and Event Spaces: Quickly erect pop-up retail shops, ticket booths, and concessions for events.

  3. Education and Training Centers: Establish classrooms, training centers, and workshop spaces.

  4. Creative Studios: Use as active studios for film production, photography, and artistic projects.

  5. Emergency Services: Deploy mobile medical clinics, security stations, and disaster relief centers.

  6. Remote Workstations: Put up remote work hubs, field laboratories, and environmental monitoring stations.

storage container in driveway being loaded with personal effects

Storage Containers for Temporary Storage

Temporary storage containers come in many sizes from 10 to 40 feet, and have a plethora of possible uses. If you're looking to safeguard any of the below, look no further than Sourgum's storage containers.

  1. Residential and Commercial Storage: Temporary storage during home moves, renovations, and for businesses with excess inventory.

  2. Construction Site Storage: Securely store tools, materials, and equipment at construction sites.

  3. Seasonal and Inventory Overflow: Store seasonal items, surplus inventory, and e-commerce goods.

  4. Document Archiving and Records: Safely archive important business documents and records.

  5. Specialized Storage: Tailored solutions for agriculture, sports facilities, film sets, and event equipment.

  6. Emergency and Disaster Relief: Provide temporary storage for disaster relief supplies and equipment.

Additional Construction Site Equipment

We have everything you need to keep your construction site clean, safe, and productive. Besides temporary fencing, we also offer roll off dumpster rentals, portable toilets, hand washing stations and temporary fencing. If you are interested in any of these services, don't hesitate to give us a call and receive an affordable, customized price.

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