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Temporary Fencing Rental

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Fencing Rental for Every Need

From construction sites to fairs and beyond, Sourgum Waste has your temporary fencing needs covered! Explore our secure and versatile fencing solutions for all your event or job site requirements.
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Affordable Temporary Fencing Rentals Near You

Sourgum Waste offers Temporary Fencing Rentals across the East Coast! Whether it's a home renovation, a large construction project, or an outdoor event, trust Sourgum for your secure and versatile fencing solutions.

Our fencing rentals are great for:

• Construction Sites

• Outdoor Festivals

• Sporting Events

• Markets and Fairs

• Film Sets

• Crowd Control

• Traffic Control

• Animal Enclosure

How Much Does Temporary Fencing Cost?

Temporary fencing rental pricing varies depending on the state or county that you are in. Our monthly rental prices are extremely competitive and we keep the delivery fee low. Please contact us for a quick quote on fence rental pricing in your area.

Why Choose Sourgum?

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Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites

We provide all types of construction site equipment, including different kinds of fencing to keep job sites safe and contained.

  1. Advanced Perimeter Security: Establish a secure perimeter around your construction site.

  2. Safety Zone Segmentation: Prevent accidents with safety barriers around hazardous areas within the site.

  3. Traffic Management: Optimize pedestrian and vehicle flow around your site.

  4. Asset Protection: Secure and monitor valuable materials and equipment on your site.

  5. Environmental Compliance: Control erosion and prevent sediment runoff.

  6. Privacy and Noise Control: Improve privacy and noise reduction with tailored fencing solutions.

Additional Construction Site Equipment

We have everything you need to keep your construction site clean, safe, and productive. Besides temporary fencing, we also offer roll off dumpster rentals, portable toilets, hand washing stations and storage containers. If you are interested in any of these services, don't hesitate to give us a call and receive an affordable, customized price.

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Temporary Fencing for Events

If you are holding an outdoor event like a wedding or fair, fence rental is just what you need.

  1. Perimeter Security and Access Control: Secure the event boundaries, control access, and ensure safety.

  2. Crowd Control and Pathway Management: Create designated pathways and crowd control areas.

  3. VIP and Restricted Areas: Delineate VIP, backstage, and restricted zones for exclusive access.

  4. Safety Barriers and Hazard Control: Install fencing around hazardous areas and ensure safety.

  5. Animal Enclosures and Pet Shows: Create pens and areas for pet shows and animal exhibits.

  6. Parking and Vehicle Control: Establish temporary parking areas and manage vehicle access.

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