four members of the Sourgum team planting a tree on a NJ street

The Sourgum Waste Team

We are a group of dedicated sourlings passionate about sustainability, technology, and making the world a cleaner place. Meet the people behind the dream.

headshot of Joe Dinardi on a wooden background

Joe DiNardi-Mack, Co-Founder & CEO

Joe's extensive career in waste management and recycling showcases his visionary leadership and proven sustainability results. With expertise in managing waste collection and recycling facilities, he ensures consistent and reliable service that surpasses client expectations. Joe's operational reliability, sustainability knowledge, and cost-conscious approach offer comprehensive and cost-effective waste management solutions through continuous innovation.

headshot of Luciano Dinardi on a wooden background

Luciano DiNardi, Co-Founder and COO

With a decade of experience in waste and recycling, Luciano has excelled in various roles, from helper to sales representative. His expertise spans operations optimization, resource utilization, and sustainable practices. Luciano's commitment to innovation and the environment has made a remarkable impact on organizational success while fostering a culture of sustainability.

headshot of Luc Anis on a wooden background

Luc Anis, Engineering Manager

Luc's engineering and IT expertise combined with a lifetime of experience in his family's retail business have helped quickly elevate him to the head of Sourgum's technical department. By staying on top of software engineering trends, he propels the advancement of Sourgum's technologies and by leveraging market insights, continuously unlocks new opportunities for enhanced customer engagement. Luc's leadership fosters a culture of continuous innovation, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

headshot of Mike Behar on a wooden background

Mike Behar, Operations Manager

Mike, our operations team leader, brings a decade of waste management experience. Starting as a yard foreman at 16, he swiftly advanced to Operations Supervisor at Interstate Waste Services. Managing nearly 100 employees, 50 trucks, and operations across six municipalities, Mike demonstrated exceptional leadership. His extensive background ensures efficient and effective waste management solutions.

headshot of Shawn Louie on a wooden background

Shawn Louie, Customer Service Manager

Shawn has 13 years of experience in customer service, spanning various industries such as Medical, Restaurant, and Global E-commerce. He has worked his way up from the bottom to operations and has a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction. Shawn believes that empowering frontline employees with the right knowledge and tools is crucial for customer success. His background provides him with a deep understanding of how to consistently deliver a positive and seamless experience for customers, bridging the gap between the customer and the industry.

headshot of Marie Wickham on a wooden background

Marie Wickham, Director of Marketing

Marie's ascent to the role of Director of Marketing at Sourgum Waste was fueled by a wealth of marketing expertise and her commitment to sustainability. She joined Sourgum in June 2022, inspired by her passion for solving environmental challenges. Her prior marketing leadership in various industries, from airlines to gourmet food and online dating forged her prowess in driving growth and loyalty. Marie now leverages her diverse experience to further Sourgum's mission of eliminating waste and creating a cleaner world—one dumpster at a time.

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