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When you need a dumpster rental in Newark, New Jersey you can always rely on Sourgum Waste. All of our customers receive friendly customer service seven days a week and transparent, upfront pricing right here on our website. You'll never see a hidden fee when you work with us! We make renting a dumpster in Newark NJ hassle-free. You can choose to order online, over the phone at (732) 366-9355, or by email. Whichever method is best for you!

We offer a wide range of dumpster rental options in Newark New Jersey, from roll off containers for home cleanout projects and construction projects to dumpsters for concrete. No matter what your project needs are, we have a dumpster solution for you. With flexible weight limits and complimentary rental periods, we put you in control of your dumpster rental experience.

Rent a dumpster in Newark New Jersey

Dumpster Rental Process in Newark NJ

Step 1: Determine Purpose

The first step in renting a dumpster in Newark, or in any city, is figuring out what you need it for or the project you are going to undertake. Dumpsters are useful for a variety of reasons, but hte main use revolves around eliminating the need to collect and haul bulk waste yourself. Some typical uses for roll-off dumpster rentals include the following:

  • Home Cleanout
  • Landscaping Projects
  • Kitchen, Bath and Basement Remodeling
  • Roof Replacement Jobs
  • Concrete, Brick and Metal Disposal
  • Storm Debris Cleanup
  • General Construction
  • Large Demolition Projects

Don't see your project on this list? Don't you worry, we can handle any and all waste disposal projects! Just contact us over the phone at (732) 366-9355, or by email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Step 2: Estimate Your Waste Disposal Needs

Once you have determined you need a dumpster rental, the next step is to estimate how much waste you'll need to dispose of. We have a range of different sizes that can fit the needs of any project. Explore the sizes and weight limits below and read about their most common uses to help you determine what size you'll need. If you are looking for even more information about sizing, visit our in-depth dumpster rental sizing guide.

Step 3: Dumpster Permit Regulations

Now that you have determined you need a dumpster and have chosen the perfect size and weight limit, you can move on to obtaining a permit... or maybe not! Dumpster rental permits in Newark NJ are dependent upon where you will be placing your dumpster. If you are planning on having your dumpster placed on your driveway or anywhere else on your personal property, you won't need a permit to rent a dumpster. If you don't have the space for a dumpster on your property and will instead be planning to have your dumpster placed on a county road, you will need to obtain a permit. To learn more about the dumpster rental permitting process in Newark, or verify that you need one, visit our dumpster rental permits page.

Step 4: Order Your Dumpster Rental

Now that you have your plans ironed out, you can place your order for your dumpster rental either online, over the phone at (732) 366-9355, or by email. We make ordering easy! Pricing is based on three factors; location, type of debris, and debris weight. The weight you believe your debris to be is closely tied to the size of the dumpster you chose above. When you order a dumpster, you pre-purchase a discounted amount of weight. If you go over the weight limit you simply pay the prorated rate for the excess. If you do go overweight we always provide a copy of your dump ticket from the certified scale so you can see the exact weight of your debris. We make sure you know exactly what you're paying for when you rent from us. You will never see a hidden or mysterious fee on your bill with Sourgum Waste.

Once you purchase and schedule your dumpster rental, all you have to do is make sure that the delivery location is clear of obstacles so that the roll off truck can reach the spot where you would like the dumpster to be placed. All Sourgum Waste dumpsters come with a complimentary 14-day rental period. If you don't need your dumpster for all 14 days you can call us any time before and we'll pick the dumpster up for you. If you need your dumpster for longer than 14 days you can extend your rental with flexible flat rate daily pricing.

Step 5: We Haul Your Debris Away

Once your project is finished, we will come pick up your dumpster and haul away your waste. Once picked up, it will be brought to the appropriated disposal facility in an effort to recycle as much material as possible.

At the disposal facility the material you put into the dumpster will get weighed. If you are within the weight limit than you're done! If you go over the weight limit the appropriate and agreed upon overage fee will be applied at a prorated rate. You will receive your payment receipt, and if applicable a copy of your dump ticket, via email.

Every Dumpster Rental Makes A Difference

When you use rent a dumpster from Sourgum Waste, you not only get great customer service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the world. For every dumpster rented, we make a donation to One Tree Planted, an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every rental is the equivalent to one tree planted in a reviving forest around the world. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time and order your roll-off dumpster rental today!

10, 20, 30 and 40 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rentals

Rent a dumpsters in Newark NJ

Dumpsters for Contractors in Newark NJ

Being a contractor in Newark NJ, you know how quickly trash and debris can pile up on job sites. Whether you're doing a roof replacement or a bathroom remodel, a roll-off dumpster rental from a reputable company is essential for any project. That's where Sourgum Waste can help. We have dumpsters ranging from 10 to 40 yards that can accommodate any project's waste demands. With us, same day delivery and pick up is available, and fast next business day delivery. We even offer volume discounts if you use our dumpsters frequently! Keep your waste flow moving and your job site efficient and clean by ordering your construction dumpster rental today.

Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals in Newark NJ

Looking to clean up your landscaping a bit? Maybe cut down some branches, or clean up after a big storm? Well we've got you covered when it comes to hauling all of that yard waste and debris away. Sourgum Waste offers dumpster rentals specifically for yard waste disposal so that you can get your landscaping projects done faster and avoid countless trips to the landfill and recycling center. These dumpsters come in a variety of sizes fit for any landscaping project, whether it be a commercial landscaping project, or simple yard maintenance. Once your job is finished, we haul your yard waste dumpster away and bring it straight to recycling facilities to have it broken down and turned into mulch and other eco-friendly products! To learn more, visit our yard waste dumpster rental page.

Don't Think You Need a Dumpster?

Maybe you only have a few branches or a small shrub and don't need a full-sized dumpster, what should you do then? Depending on what waste you have, you could let Newark's trash services pick it up as well. Yard waste in Newark is hauled once a month with the city service, but they only take leaves and small branches that must be tied in a bundle. If you would rather not leave your yard waste sitting outside your home for a month, and have other yard waste besides leaves and small branches, you can give us a call now or schedule an on-demand pickup online.

Newark New Jersey Recycling Guide

As a company that focuses on sustainability and carbon neutrality, recycling plays a large role in what we do and promote. As a Newark New Jersey resident, there are many ways that you can contribute to recycling efforts. The first step is understanding what can be recycled and how these recyclables are classified in Newark.

Permitted Recyclables

Newark allows their residents to recycle cardboard, paper, beverage cartons, cans, plastic bottles, jugs, glass bottles, and jars. These recyclables are typically classified into two different categories, "Paper and Boxes", and "Containers". Paper and Boxes includes the cardboard, paper, and beverage cartons. Whereas the Containers category is comprised of the cans, plastic, and glass.

City Recycling Service

This categorization of recyclables, which may seem redundant, actually plays a role in the manner in which Newark manages its recycling efforts. These two categories of recyclables are not picked up on the same day with the city-run service. Rather, the recyclables are expected to be separated and divided for pickup on two different days. The day in which each type of recyclables are picked up depends on where in Newark you live. To determine your specific pickup schedule through the city service, visit the Newark NJ in-depth recycling guide.

Bulk Items

According to the city of Newark, bulk items include couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, dressers, closets, rugs, exercise equipment and vanities, and are only picked up once a month. Depending on where you live in Newark, the bulk collection day either falls on the first or second Wednesday of the month. To verify which zone you live in and what day your bulk collection is scheduled for, visit the Newark trash and recycling page. Every residential privately owned property is limited to ten bulk items that can be placed outside on the scheduled bulk collection day.

Avoid the Complexity, Work with Sourgum Waste

What if you have more than ten bulk items? What if you don’t want to have your old couch and mattress sitting on your lawn? That is where Sourgum Waste can help you out. We offer on-demand bulk trash and recycling pickup for these larger items that the city services struggle to haul. The city actually requires residents that have more than ten bulk items to hire private haulers like us. It is simple to setup and you can schedule on-demand pickup online.

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