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Dumpster Rental in the District of Columbia

Are you a resident of the District of Columbia? Do you need a dumpster for your cleanup or construction project? If you live in Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, or the surrounding area, Sourgum Waste offers easy, reliable, and convenient waste, recycling, and dumpster rental services.

Friendly staff, competitive pricing, and reliable service are three important and necessary must-haves for waste disposal companies; they are the three key factors to guide you in selecting the most suitable provider for your cleanup projects, and Sourgum Waste offers a combination of all three.

Our drivers are well-trained, prepared, and qualified to drop off, pick up and haul away dumpsters at any given service location. We ensure that all vehicles are regularly serviced so that delivery and pickup times are on schedule. And our customer service team is on standby 7 days a week to pick up your call, answer your emails, and make the entire experience smooth and seamless for you.

Sourgum Waste is built on transparency, support, and efficiency in offering the best and most honest disposal services in the District of Columbia. Whether you are a general contractor needing a dumpster for your ongoing projects, a family moving to a new town or decluttering after winter, or a commercial company needing more all-encompassing waste management services, we'll take the time to evaluate your exact need, and we'll ensure you get it - at the right price too.

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Must-Know Tips Before Renting Dumpsters in the District of Columbia

Have you got a cleaning project or waste that needs disposal and don't know what to do? Or do you need dumpsters for your temporary or ongoing projects? There are 3 important must-know tips to get familiar with before ordering dumpsters in the District of Columbia; they include:

Knowing your approved materials and their estimated weight is important before ordering a dumpster. Sourgum Waste is built on sustaining the environment, and in doing that, we urge all customers -old and new to abide by the laws of the District of Columbia regarding materials that can and cannot be dumped.

So, what can and can't you put in a dumpster? As a rule of thumb, anything hazardous or toxic is not allowed. Almost everything else is. Visit our guide on “what can and can't go into the dumpster” for detailed item-by-item advice.

Hazardous materials such as wet paint, asbestos, and certain other materials must never be mixed into a dumpster. The District of Columbia's Department of Energy & Environment protects human health and the environment from the hazards of mismanaged waste, helps reduce the amount of waste generated, and ensures that generated wastes are managed in an environmentally sound manner. Visit the Department of Public Works' page to find out where and how to dispose of your hazardous and electronic waste in DC, or contact Sourgum Waste for assistance.

Even if you only dump accepted materials, you may have to watch what you put together in the dumpster. Mixing different materials not only makes it more difficult to recycle, but it also increases the chance of contamination fees. If you have mixed materials to dispose of, one of our customer service associates will be glad to advise you on the best dumpsters to rent to dispose of them affordably, and add sustainably.

We only want what is best for the environment, and by choosing us, you know you are opting for the most eco-friendly bulk disposal method. Just as we aim to recycle most of the waste collected from your dumpster rentals, we urge our customers, partners, and everyone in the community to make an effort to recycle as well. Wondering what can and cannot be recycled in the District of Columbia? The DEP's website provides a comprehensive list that you can quickly reference.

Have an odd material you need to get rid of? Sourgum Waste will haul away items like railroad ties, telephone poles, etc. when needed. Not sure if it can actually go in the dumpster? Just fill out our dumpster quote request form, and we'll respond to you within 24 hours or less.

Before ordering a dumpster, you need to know the approximate weight and volume for the amount of waste your project will produce, as they will determine the size of the dumpster you should rent.

If you need a hand in identifying the right dumpster size, visit our dumpster sizing guide which provides dimensions for each dumpster size, as well as volume equivalents in pickup truck loads.

When you choose a dumpster size, the end goals are to ensure that the dumpster isn't filled above the rim, all your waste fits into it, and most importantly, doesn't exceed the weight limit you have agreed to.

The weight of your dumpster has a significant impact on how much we will be charged to dump it, which is why it influences the prices that we charge. It is ideal when we know your debris' weight upfront so that we quote you the most accurate price. If you do go over the weight limit, don't worry - we will simply charge you the extra weight at a pre-established and prorated rate. We never surprise you with bogus fees.

Your service location affects the price of ordering a dumpster because the laws governing waste disposal differ in different states, counties, and cities. This is why you may see a swing in pricing between one location and another. But be assured, Sourgum Waste offers some of the most competitive rates in any location, including DC and its surroundings.

Speaking of location, you'll also need to think about where you will place your dumpster during the rental period. If the dumpster cannot be placed on your private property, then, you will most likely need a permit. Find out more on the District of Columbia's online permitting system.

Dumpster Sizes

10 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

A 10 yard dumpster is the smallest size available, and is best if you do not have a lot of debris or the space to fit a larger dumpster. A 10 yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of material, about 4 pickup truck loads, typically holds approximately 2 tons of debris.

A 10 yard dumpster's dimensions that is offered by Sourgum Waste's rent a dumpster division.

Base Package:

Delivery and Pickup. 2 Tons of Disposal.
Transparent Pricing No Hidden Fees.

Enter your address or town to see pricing.

Types of Dumpsters Available in D.C.

At Sourgum Waste, we offer roll-off dumpsters for, general use, construction debris, concrete, yard waste, and more to fit all project requirements. Which type of dumpster you rent will depend on the type of materials that you need to dispose of.

Our roll-off dumpsters are perfect for getting rid of most unwanted items from your house. Whether you're moving out or spring cleaning your home, most materials you no longer need may go into the dumpster. Furniture and appliances can all go in.

We will place the dumpster as close to your home as possible, if that is what you desire, to make the back-and-forth between the house and the dumpster as easy as possible. Our roll-off dumpsters are easy to operate, have a door on the rear, and are perfect for spring cleaning, decluttering your basement or attic, moving, and even renovation projects like kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling.

Need a suitable dumpster to put lumber, flooring, roofing, drywall, and other construction waste into? Our construction roll off dumpsters are just what you need. We also have large 30 and 40-cubic-yard dumpsters for larger projects to reduce your costs.

Sourgum Waste's construction dumpsters are highly suitable for all your construction and demolition projects; they are used by contractors and DIY-ers across the District of Columbia for home remodeling, commercial renovations, and other important construction and demolition work.

Keep your work area clean and safe by using our construction dumpsters. Save time and help hands by avoiding back-and-forths to the landfill. Rest easy knowing that we are disposing of your construction and demolition waste in the most efficient and eco-friendly way we can.

If your construction debris is particularly heavy and contains a lot of concrete, brick, stone, or other heavy materials, we recommend that you get both a construction dumpster and a concrete dumpster, or even just a concrete dumpster. Read on to learn more about concrete dumpsters and why they are better for heavy aggregate debris.

Concrete dumpsters are specialized dumpsters used for heavy aggregates and debris such as concrete, stone, and asphalt waste. Disposing of them with a regular roll-off dumpster would put you over the included weight limit too quickly, incurring unwanted weight overage fees.

Your best choice is to rent Concrete Dumpster to carry the heavy weight of concrete waste without exceeding the weight limit since they come with a flat rate and all-inclusive pricing. Rent concrete dumpsters from Sourgum Waste for your driveway and slab removals, tearing down retaining walls, home or business remodels, etc.

In addition to saving you money, separating concrete debris into a separate dumpster makes recycling easier and more efficient. These materials can be recycled at specialty facilities, as long as they are free of contaminants. As you can see, concrete dumpsters are a win-win.

Leaves and branches are light, so why get charged for more than you need? If you are discarding yard waste only, we keep that in mind when quoting you for your dumpster rental. Depending on your location, we'll either provide you with a ton limit that makes sense for your specific needs or even rent you the dumpster at a flat rate with no ton limit.

Why rent a dumpster for your landscaping project? Yard work takes time, and trips to the landfill are an unwanted interruption. A dumpster for yard cleanups makes your projects run smoother, keeps your work area cleaner, and saves you time.

If one reason was not enough, here is a second: we divert as much organic waste from landfills as possible, by sending the yard debris to recycling facilities that turn it into mulch and other products.

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Ready? Here's How to Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster through Sourgum Waste is a very simple feat. Check out our “How to Rent a Dumpster Guide” to familiarize yourself with the rental process, from ordering to drop off and pickup.

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Every Dumpster Rented Plants a Tree

We are an official planting partner of One Tree Planted, an organization that "makes it simple for people and companies to help the environment by planting trees". For every order you place through Sourgum Waste, we donate to One Tree Planted and they plant a tree in a forest in need. Thanks to your help, we are helping restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

Enjoy the simplicity of honestly priced, professionally executed waste management services from Sourgum Waste today! Our proud team of haulers is ready and available to deliver, pick up, and remove all that unwanted bulk from your home and businesses, and our customer success team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Sourgum Waste celebrates planting a tree for every dumpster rented

With Sourgum Waste You Make a Difference

When you rent a dumpster from us, you not only get great service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the planet. For every dumpster rented through Sourgum, we make a donation to One Tree Planted , an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every order = one tree planted. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time and order your roll-off dumpster rental today!
Trees planted so far: 33,942

Dumpster rentals in Washington D.C., Arlington, Alexandria and More

No matter where you are in Washington DC or the surrounding area Sourgum Waste has you covered with on-demand dumpster rentals.