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How To Get Rid of Furniture Like A Pro

Guide on proper furniture disposal


6 Ways to Get Rid of Furniture Like A Pro

Major changes like moving, cleaning out your home, or renovating your home can leave you wondering what to do with that old furniture. If you want to know how to get rid of furniture easily (and responsibly), you’ve come to the right place. 

Getting rid of old furniture can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Here are the six best ways to get rid of furniture you no longer want.

1. Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

Renting a roll off dumpster is one of the easiest ways to tackle getting rid of multiple pieces of furniture. Dumpster rentals are a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of furniture, saving you time and money compared to hauling it yourself. All types of old furniture can be disposed of in a dumpster, except for mattresses, since they can contain bedbugs, bodily fluids,

The average cost to rent a dumpster is between $250 and $900, depending on the size of the dumpster and how much your furniture waste weighs. Renting a dumpster is super easy, you can book a dumpster rental online and pay with your credit card. When your dumpster is full, they come to pick it up and get rid of your furniture for you and that's it!

Low, upfront costs are determined when you place an orderBest for large pieces of furniture, or for removing multiple items
Remove and load furniture at your own pace You have to load your own pieces
Guaranteed, scheduled pickup of furniture Dumpster disposal rules vary by location
No need to be home for the pickup

2. Junk Removal Service 

Just like the name says, junk removal services remove your junk. Typically, you'll let them know what kind of furniture you are getting rid of and how many pieces. Then, they'll give you a price that is subject to change upon their arrival.

Some people find this the easiest way to get rid of old furniture, but it’s not the most cost-effective. Junk removal services charge by the piece, and a truckload usually costs about $600. Junk removal services also have minimum fees, and some don’t accept single items.

Here are the minimum prices you can expect from a junk removal service to dispose of a couch, mattress, washer, and more:

  • Mattresses- $80 to $150 

  • Sofas and couches- $70 to $200

  • Washer and dryer- $100 to $200

  • Small truckload- $100

  • Large truckload- $600

Some of the most common junk removal service providers are:

Provides a scheduled removal of your furniture Affordable only if removing a few pieces of furniture
You don't have to do any heavy lifting or work Price is subject to increase upon arrival and inspection
Total cost of furniture removal increases per item
You must be present for disposal

3. Haul It Away Yourself 

Hauling your own old furniture can be a good option if you have a pickup truck with a large bed. You will have to figure out the details of where it will go and how much you have to pay for dumping fees, which are different everywhere. You can also see if your local landfill has free bulk waste disposal days and dump your furniture then.

If you choose to haul your own furniture away, be sure that the waste facility accepts the type of furniture you want to get rid of. Also, make sure to review their drop-off schedule as some facilities only accept furniture on certain days of the week.

Low cost (and sometimes free) disposal option Must own a pickup truck, or have access to one
Allows you to get rid of furniture at your own paceNearest landfill could be far away, not open to the public, or have scheduling restrictions
Might require multiples trips
Cost of gas can be high if landfill is far or multiple trips are required

4. Curbside Pickup 

If you are figuring out how to get rid of old furniture and live in a city that offers bulky waste curbside pickup, this is a good option. However, some cities only pick up 1-2 pieces of furniture, and will only provide pickups during certain days of the month or year.

Additionally, you'll need to look into your city's regulations for curbside pickup, as there may be specific rules on disposing of furniture via curbside pickup. For example, some municipalities will require you to seal any upholstered pieces of furniture before curbside collection.

Additionally, some municipalities will require a bulky waste permit to pick up your furniture items. These permits are typically low-cost and available for purchase online.

Only work is getting furniture to the curb Only good for a few items
Allows you to get rid of furniture at your own paceBulky waste pick up days are often scheduled far from one another
Depends on your local municipality's rules and guidelines
Can cost a fee for curbside furniture removal

5. Garage Sale or Online

Keeping old furniture out of landfills by selling it is one of the most eco-friendly options for disposing of furniture. One of your first considerations should be placing it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You can also hold a garage sale to sell your old furniture and appliances in person. 

Can make some money from the sale Can take a while to sell pieces
Little to no work if customers come to you to buy and pick up If having a garage sale, you must organize and advertise it
Garage sale requires access to a lawn or space to display everything

6. Donate It To Charity

Provided your furniture is still in good condition, donating it is another good choice. Donating your old furniture is free unlike a junk removal service, and you get the added benefit of helping people out. To top it off, many charities will pick up used furniture for you.

Here is a list of common places that accept furniture donations:

  • Local thrift stores

  • Salvation Army

  • Green Drop

  • Pickup Please

  • Local shelters

  • Habitat for Humanity Restores

  • Veteran services, like AMVETs

  • Churches

  • Goodwill

  • Furniture Bank Network

Donations are tax-deductible Furniture must be in good condition
Some places will pick up your furniture May have to haul to the charity or non-profit
Sustainable disposal option Have to locate a place that will accept your furniture

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture for Free Near Me?

Depending on where you live, you may have several options for disposing of old furniture. Start by searching "waste wizard" and [your city] on Google to see if any free tools come up.

If you're seeking ways to throw away old furniture without any cost near your location, there are several options you can consider. Start by exploring local charities like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity, as they often accept furniture donations.

Additionally, your city's official website may provide information on proper furniture removal channels. Here are some examples for specific cities:

New York:

  • NYC Sanitation Department: Visit their website to find details on the items you wish to dispose of and the designated collection day.

  • NYC Bulk Item Disposal: The official NYC government website provides a schedule for curbside furniture pickup. Simply place the items curbside between 4:00 pm and midnight before your collection day.


  • Recycle By City: You can easily request a free bulky item pickup from the city of Chicago.

  • Load Up: This service offers quick item pickup upon request, making it a convenient option for furniture removal.

New Jersey:

  • Donation Town: Donation Town in New Jersey offers free donation pickup for household items.

  • Reuse Opportunities: New Jersey State has organized a list of organizations that accept everything from books to furniture.

old furniture disposal

Where to Throw Away A Couch, Mattress, and Other Types of Furniture

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about getting rid of different types of old furniture.

How do I get rid of a couch?

If your city allows it, you can try a curbside giveaway. Simply put your couch on the sidewalk with a "free" sign. You can also call charities that accept furniture, like The Salvation Army and Goodwill, and they’ll haul it away for you.

How do I get rid of a mattress?

Before you buy a new mattress, ask your mattress retailer if they have a recycling program. Some mattress companies will pick up your old mattress when they bring you a new one.

Another option is curbside pickup, just make sure your city accepts mattresses.

How do I get rid of a microwave?

Check whether microwaves can be recycled as e-waste in your area. If it's in good working condition, you can also donate your old microwave to a thrift store or a local appliance repair shop.

How do I get rid of a fridge?

Many appliance retailers will haul your old appliance away when they deliver a new one. You can also use curbside pick-up if it is offered in your city. For bulky waste pick-ups, you typically need to get a permit from your city government website.

FAQs About How To Get Rid Of Furniture

Getting rid of old furniture can bring up a lot of questions, so we put together a FAQ with some of the most common questions about disposing of used furniture items.

Depending on where you live, wood furniture can be recycled in numerous ways. To keep wood furniture out of the waste stream, consider refinishing or upcycling your old wooden pieces. There are many ways to repurpose your old wood furniture and turn it into something new.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to leave your mattress on the curb along with your other household trash. But this is dependent on the local city's rules and regulations, so make sure to call ahead or go online to see if mattress curbside pick-up is allowed in your area. You may also have to get a bulky waste permit from the city.

In some locations, you can put a mattress in your dumpster rental. The best course of action is to contact your local municipality or dumpster rental company to see if they take mattresses in their dumpsters, and find out any rules or guidelines they have around mattress disposal.

Junk removal companies charge anywhere from $100 to $600 to remove a truckload of furniture. Most do not accept single items and also charge per item. Furniture removal costs vary depending on several factors, including where you live, how much furniture you have, and how it is removed.

On average, most people pay $485 to rent a small dumpster. The cost of a dumpster depends on several factors, including what type of materials you have, how much they weigh, the size of the dumpster, as well as your location.

You can dump old furniture at any approved recycling or bulky waste disposal facility, such as your local landfill or transfer station. Always call before taking your furniture there, as some facilities only accept certain types of furniture. If you are getting rid of multiple furniture types, you may have to go to different facilities.

Also, keep in mind that you should never dump furniture on public property like the sidewalk (unless allowed by your city), parks, or roads.

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