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The junk removal industry is a huge industry that throughout the 1990s and 2000s began to significantly grow across the U.S. Today, the junk removal industry is bigger than ever, being a billion-dollar industry. Modern solutions are needed to handle the ever-growing industry of junk removal. As it continues to grow at such a rapid pace, waste removal companies adapt their technology to keep up with the continual demand.

As more people acquire things, the need for junk removal is more needed than ever. Consumer spending makes up 70% of the U.S. GDP. There is a much greater demand for consumer goods than years ago. With people buying more and more items they do not need from retail stores, landfills are filling up with junk. As we continue to see more online shopping from companies like Amazon, we will continue to see garbage cans and dumpsters fill up with non-sustainable plastics and packaging that are affecting the environment at an alarming rate. Although companies are switching to more sustainable products and packaging, there will still be a need for waste removal as long as people still continue to purchase goods.

As we continue to see more of a need for junk removal and environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of products, efficient ways to dispose of waste is needed now more than ever. Since sustainability and zero-waste concepts are now being adopted by many companies and communities in the U.S., this will encourage more community junk removal and recycling.

Surprising Junk Removal Statistics

  1. The waste industry in the U.S. is valued at $75 billion each year, with junk removal amounting to $10 billion each year.

  2. The average person in the U.S. produces about 4.5 pounds of waste each day. Almost one third of the waste can be recycled or composted.

  3. The amount of households that participated in recycling programs rose from 40% in 2013 to 46% in 2015.

  4. There are over 20,000 companies that operate in the waste management industry.

  5. Employees who worked in the waste management industry, earned an average hourly wage of $26.14. Those same employees had an average work week of about 41.8 hours.

  6. In the U.S. alone, over 350 million tons of trash are created each year. The EPA estimates that around 75% of all waste is recyclable. The rate of recycling in the U.S. is now just above 34%.

  7. The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world and each person in the U.S. amounts to 1,609 pounds of trash each year. The U.S., being 5% of the world’s population, generates 40% of the world’s waste. This means that job opportunities in the U.S. for waste removal are plentiful.

  8. Of every $10 spent to buy things, $1 (10%) is packaging that can be thrown away. Packaging from items bought makes up about 65% of household trash.

  9. Since electronic devices like TVs, cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices are becoming more widespread and available across the world, electronic waste is an increasing problem for landfills. People in the year 2012 produced about 50 million tons of electronic waste.

  10. Companies are selling products that are purposefully disposable. Apple designed its cell phone battery life to last up to two years so consumers would buy a new model.

  11. The U.S. Municipal Solid Waste Management Market will likely surpass $25 billion by 2024.

  12. In 2017, Landfills acted as the most prominent form of waste removal, and contributed to more than 60 percent of the total waste management market.

  13. The global waste that is generated will be expected to rapidly increase from 2.01 billion tons created in 2016 to 3.4 billion tons over the next 30 years.

  14. The average cost to throw a ton of trash in a landfill is $28 dollars. The average cost to recycle a ton of trash is $147 dollars.

  15. China is limiting the number of plastic it will take in.

As seen in the facts stated above, the need for waste removal services is dire. There are many items that are simply not disposed of in the correct manner and are threatening our ecosystem. If people were to use recycling services made available to them more often, they can help reduce items being built up in landfills. Americans recycle about 34 percent of the total waste they create. The recycling rate 50 years ago was 6.2 percent. There is now more waste than ever being created, and we need to create a conscious effort to recycle and dispose of waste in the correct ways to ensure future generations are protected.

China Passed a Ban on Imported Plastics

We rely on China to help with landfills and waste management needs. But, China passed a ban on imported plastics that will affect waste management for the entire world. The ban is making countries like the U.S. scramble to find extra landfills and space to account for the amount of trash we produce annually. China takes 45 percent of the world’s plastic, but due to pollution and health concerns, they need to limit the trash they take. What this means for the waste management companies in the U.S. is that there will be a huge increase next year in the demand for trash services. Waste management companies will have to find more modern solutions to tackle new demands for waste removal in the coming years.

What to Do With Our Extra Junk

Many homeowners have accumulated junk over the years from cluttered basements and garages to storage spaces and attics. We can all use some de-cluttering and junk removal services to restore our homes to clean, organized spaces. Downsizing and getting rid of stuff you no longer use or need will help you to have a stress-free environment in your home or business. Households are accumulating more garbage and it is important to get rid of waste with a reliable dumpster service. Local communities often have electronic recycling drives and recycling drives. For all other items that need a dumpster rental, be sure to find a certified and reliable rental company and thoroughly do your research. What we do with our extra accumulated junk over the years is important, and finding a company who not only cares about proper waste management but also the environment is crucial.

A Dumpster Rental that Makes a Difference

Sourgum Waste can help with household waste removal with quality dumpster rentals and an understanding of how to manage waste for a cleaner, greener community. When you use rent a dumpster from Sourgum Waste, you not only get great customer service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the world. For every dumpster rented, we make a donation to One Tree Planted, an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every rental is equivalent to one tree planted in a reviving forest around the world. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time. You can even order your dumpster online.

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Find Opportunities to Recycle

If you are concerned about the amount of waste you are getting rid of, try to see if anything can be recycled. Ask your nearest waste removal provider if there are local drives that you can donate lightly used items. Communities often have recycling programs that will be glad to take lightly used electronics, furniture, mattresses, clothes and more. There are many opportunities to pass on these items second-hand to avoid even going into the landfills in the first place.

For all of the other items that cannot be donated, they can be brought to your local recycling center or handled by a dumpster rental company in your area. There are many major retailers that will gladly take e-waste to recycle. These stores often include Best Buy, Staples and Verizon, and they will accept e-waste drop-offs at their stores.

A majority of the customers from junk removal and waste removal companies happen to be homeowners, which shows the major need for waste management services in local communities. Since many of the customers who need waste removal are homeowners, junk removal sales tend to run in cycles, with sales often being seasonal, and companies need to market their services often in person to potential customers.

Since there will always be junk, the need for junk removal services will always be in demand. With many companies switching to zero waste by 2030, there will be an even greater incentive to recycle and use proper waste management services in order to preserve our world’s future environment.

The junk removal industry has many benefits:

  • Helps contribute to more sustainability: Since we are moving to more zero-waste communities and businesses, the junk removal industry will help to get us to a more sustainable future.

  • Recession Proof: There will always be a need to get rid of junk. No matter what the economy is like in the future, the junk removal industry will be needed for both residential and commercial services.

  • Growth: The junk removal industry has grown significantly since the 90’s and will continue to with future eco-friendly policies and encouragement to leave behind a cleaner environment.

The waste removal industry will continue to grow each year, as people generate more waste throughout the U.S. and the entire world. For items that cannot be recycled or donated, consider waste removal services with a roll-off dumpster rental. As we acquire more unneeded stuff throughout the years, it accumulates in our homes and businesses. When it is time to downsize and get rid of items, we often find more items to get rid out that we no longer use than previously thought. Your local dumpster rental company will help you to easily and efficiently dispose of the items you no longer need, keeping your home clean and disposing of items in the correct way to keep the environment clean.

If you are unsure of what you can and cannot throw away, local community websites often have guidelines. You can find out from a local waste management company in your area the items that they will take or recycle, and the items that need a special collection drive.

Why Hire Sourgum Waste?

As a go-to waste management and on-demand dumpster rental service, we provide our customers with exceptional service to eliminate waste. We always are trying to find different and new ways to reuse items as well as use new technology to make a sustainable waste management system. As waste flow changes, our company adapts to meet the needs of local communities across the United States.

We offer modern junk removal solutions to a continuous and growing junk issue. Homeowners and companies will have access to our top haulers and roll-off dumpster rental systems to improve their business efficiency and performance. Our data driven services will allow our customers to be up-to-date with tracking devices on our dumpster rentals, with information you can access from your smart phone. We provide our waste hauling partners with technology that improves how waste management companies operate. Our powerful software and hardware helps our customers make their waste removal services hassle-free and streamlined.

For more information on finding the right dumpster for your next junk removal project, contact Sourgum Waste today. We can help you to pick the right roll-off dumpster or waste removal service for you. Whether you have a commercial or residential we can help properly dispose of your unwanted items while increasing recycling rates. Our transparent pricing with a no hidden fee guarantee and great customer service gives our customers the best service possible. We find our customers the best service at the best rate to save them money, time and hassle. With Sourgum Waste, you are getting reliable junk removal service, every time.

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