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Dumpster Rental In Mercer County NJ

Looking for a dumpster rental in Mercer County New Jersey? Sourgum Waste has you covered! Whether you are in Hamilton, Trenton, Pennington, Windsor, Princeton, or any other town in Mercer County, Sourgum Waste is your go-to source for roll-off dumpster rentals and waste services. At Sourgum Waste, we focus on putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and make renting a dumpster a hassle-free experience. We provide our customers with a dedicated customer support team that can be contacted seven days a week, and transparent pricing so you know exactly what you are paying for. We combine these features with an affordable, efficient rental system, next-day delivery, and a wide range of rental options to give you everything you could ever need when renting a dumpster. Our dumpster sizes range from 10 to 40 yards and are fit for any project you may have whether it be for a home cleanout project, your business, a construction project, or any other purpose.

Rent a roll off dumpster in Mercer County New Jersey

Every Dumpster Rental Makes A Difference

When you use rent a dumpster from Sourgum Waste, you not only get great customer service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the world. For every dumpster rented, we make a donation to One Tree Planted, an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every rental is the equivalent to one tree planted in a reviving forest around the world. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time and order your roll-off dumpster rental today!

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Prices for Mercer County NJ

Choose a dumpster size

Sourgum Waste offers dumpster rental sizes ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards to meet the needs of any project. Select a size below to see find the best dumpster size for you, and see the cost of renting a dumpster in Mercer County NJ.

FAQs for Dumpster Rentals in Mercer County

What can I recycle in Mercer County NJ?

Mercer County has a clear line between what is and is not allowed to be recycled. The materials that are permitted recyclables include mixed paper, phone books, corrugated cardboard, hardcover books, glass jars and bottles, pet food cans, milk jugs and plastic bottles, aluminum and metal, beverage cartons, detergent and shampoo containers, and plastics with the #1 or #2 symbols.

The materials that are not permitted recyclables include pizza boxes, plastic bags, light bulbs, aluminum foil, baking pans, styrofoam, drinking glasses, dishes, ceramics, aerosol cans, motor oil and antifreeze containers, clothes hangers, bandage and cookie tins, carbon and wax paper, tissue paper, napkins, paper plates, paper towels, and any plastics with the #3 or #7 symbols.

If you are looking to recycle any of these things, or other uncommon items, take a look at Mercer County’s guide, Beyond the Bucket, located at the bottom of their Acceptable Recyclable Materials page.

How can I dispose of electronics hazardous waste in Mercer County NJ?

Mercer County offers recycling events two to three times a year to aid residents in disposing of documents, hazardous waste, and electronics. The events are split into two categories; document shredding, hazardous waste and electronics recycling.

Document shredding events are held in April and October and usually run from 9am-12pm at Lot 4 / South Broad Street (across from Mercer County Administration building). For this event, chemicals and other hazardous materials are restricted, and residents may only bring a maximum of eight boxes and/or bags of paper to shred.

Hazardous waste and electronics recycling events are held in March, June, and September and usually run from 8am-2pm at Dempster Fire School, 350 Lawrence Station Rd. The acceptable hazardous waste materials include aerosol cans, used motor oil, propane tanks, pesticides, herbicides, car batteries, paint thinner, oil-based paint, stains, varnishes, gasoline, anti-freeze, driveway sealer, insect repellant, mercury, and fluorescent and CFL bulbs. In terms of electronics, computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, stereos, televisions, and microwaves are all permitted for disposal.

These events are solely for Mercer County residents and proof of residency is required. Commercial businesses are not permitted to attend. To learn more, visit the Mercer County Improvement Authority’s website.

How do I prepare for a dumpster rental in Mercer County NJ?

The first step in the dumpster rental process is figuring out whether or not you need to rent a dumpster, or if you may benefit from using one of our other services. Below is a list of typical projects where a dumpster rental is advised:

  • Home Remodel
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Roof Replacement
  • Demolition Project
  • Storm Debris Removal
  • Concrete, Asphalt or Brick Disposal
  • Yard Cleanup.

If you don’t see your project on this list, don’t worry, Sourgum Waste covers any and all of your waste disposal needs. Just contact us over the phone at (732) 366-9355, or by email and we will be happy to determine what exactly you need.

If you have determined you need a dumpster rental, all you are required to do is verify that the delivery location is clear of obstacles so that the roll-off truck can deliver your dumpster properly. No one needs to be home during the delivery.

To get an in-depth walkthrough, checkout our how to rent a dumpster guide

Where can I put a dumpster rental in Mercer County?

In Mercer County, dumpsters can be placed on county streets or anywhere on your personal property, including your driveway. That being said, if you decide to have your dumpster placed on a Mercer County street, you may be required to get a permit, depending on your towns regulations. To check your permit requirements for your city, visit our dumpster rental permits page.

10, 20, 30 and 40 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rentals Mercer County NJ

Why Hire Sourgum Waste?

Customer service, sustainability, and transparency are at the core of everything we do at Sourgum Waste. We believe the way waste management is currently being handled is obsolete and over-complicated. Waste flows and volumes have changed, and we believe it is time our industry evolved with it. The brutal truth is that 99% of waste management companies have arbitrary pricing, lack proper customer service teams, take advantage of their customers, and do nothing to offset the large carbon footprint this industry leaves behind. We are the 1% doing everything we can to fix these age-old problems. We have a dedicated customer service team to support our customers, transparent pricing on our website so that you know exactly what you are paying for, and even plant a tree for every single dumpster rental. The choice seems obvious to us! Experience the difference yourself, order online now!

Mercer County NJ Recycling Education Program

Mercer County, like Sourgum Waste, takes pride in being committed to protecting the environment and encouraging proper recycling practices. In doing so, the Mercer County Improvement Authority has offered a free recycling education presentation to schools, business organizations, and other groups. These presentations cover various recycling topics including what materials are considered recyclables, the impact recycling has on the environment, how to recycle properly, and other topics of interest related to recycling. If you are interested in learning more about recycling and becoming committed to building a more sustainable future like us, visit the Mercer County Improvement Authority’s Recycling Education Program page and complete your reservation form!

Serving Hamilton, Pennington, Trenton and More

We service every town in Mercer County New Jersey with dumpster rentals. While what can and cannot go into a dumpster is the same throughout all of Mercer County, each town can issue their own ordinances which can affect your rental. Click on a town below to learn more about dumpster rentals in your town.

Mercer County Dumpster Rental Disposal Rate Score

Sourgum Waste's Disposal Rate Score shows you how expensive it is to get rid of waste in your county. The scale is from 0 to 100. With 0 being the cheapest county and 100 being the most expensive county. Disposal rates are mostly affected by the fees and standards that the county sets.

0 - 39
40 - 69
70 - 100

The disposal rate in Mercer County is set by the county landfills and is one of the higher ones in New Jersey. Sourgum Waste helps minimize this expense by diverting as much recyclable material as possible to the appropriate facilities, who also offer better pricing.

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Same day dumpster rentals available. Next business day delivery available.

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