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Renting a Dumpster in Gloucester County

If you reside in Gloucester County and are in search of a dumpster rental, Sourgum Waste is your go-to. We provide roll-off dumpster rentals and waste management services to all residents of Gloucester County, whether residing in Glassboro, Woodbury, Clayton, or any other town in the county.

Whether your project has to do with bathroom remodeling, full home construction, or storm debris cleanup, we have different roll-off dumpsters for each project. We have also created roll-off dumpster guides to provide you with more information. If you still have more inquiries, you can contact us by email or by phone at (732) 366-9355.

The Sourgum Difference

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Why Should I Choose Sourgum?

By working with us, you will be shown great customer service, as we are available seven days a week to make sure our customers have all of their needs met. We also provide transparent pricing so that customers know how their money is being spent.

Sourgum Waste is also one of the very few waste-management companies whose services work towards a better environment. For every roll-off dumpster rental, we plant a tree in forests in need of more vegetation. We hope that our efforts toward sustainability help achieve carbon neutrality.

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Dumpster Rental FAQs for Gloucester County

Each county has different rules and regulations for dealing with certain materials, like recyclables and hazardous waste. Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about waste disposal in Gloucester County.

Accepted recyclables include newspapers, junk mail, newspaper inserts, magazines, phone books, glass bottles and jars, and aluminum, tin, and steel cans.

Items that will not be accepted include drinking glasses, plates, window glass, crystal, or automotive glass, and leaves.

Here is a guide to frequently asked recycling questions in case you need more information.

The county uses the app Recycle Coach, which is a green initiative created by the state of New Jersey. This app allowed residents of all counties in New Jersey to look up their trash and recycling schedules by simply entering their addresses. Also included in the app are helpful guides that provide information on how to recycle certain items and nearby facilities, and help you figure out if an item should be recycled or thrown in the trash. Sourgum Waste encourages the use of this app because not only is it an innovative technology, but it is also for a good cause, and we are all about sustainability ourselves.

Gloucester County holds Household Special Waste Collection Days where the county picks up hazardous waste and materials that can’t be thrown with the regular trash or recycling.

The hazardous waste they pick up includes solvents, pesticides, cleaners, kerosene, herbicide, gasoline, turpentine, varnish, fertilizers, rat poisons, auto & floor care products, weed killers, lighter fluid, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, and gas cylinders. In addition – oil-based paints, motor oil, antifreeze, fluorescent tubes, CFL Bulbs & ballasts, lead acid & nicad batteries will be accepted for recycling

However, they will not accept medical waste, infectious wastes, radioactive materials (including smoke detectors), explosives, ammunition, latex paint, or asbestos products.

The county has a page you can visit to get more details on hazardous waste collection as well as contact information.

In Gloucester County, residents are allowed to keep roll-off dumpster rentals on their property as long as it in anywhere on their property, like their driveway. To keep it on the street or in a public area, you will need to contact your town hall before proceeding with your dumpster rental because you may need a permit to be able to keep your dumpster on the street.

How to Rent a Dumpster

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    Check out our helpful guide

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    See our dumpster sizes

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    Most of our dumpsters come with a weight limit but you can choose to add more

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    Get a complimentary rental period with an option to add more time

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    Checkout online, call (732) 366-9355, or email

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    Call or email when you need us to pick up your dumpster.

How Do I Prepare for My Dumpster Rental?

Before getting started, you should first think about your project. This is important because by determining what your project will entail, you are easily able to determine what kind of dumpster rental you will need. We do offer different roll-off dumpsters for different projects. Examples of projects that require our roll-off dumpster rentals include:

  • Storm Debris Removal

  • Home Remodel

  • Concrete, Asphalt, or Brick Disposal

  • Roof Replacement

  • Yard Cleanup

If you don’t see your project listed above or if you don’t know if your project will require one, you can contact us, and we will help guide you in the right direction.

If you decided you need to rent one of our dumpsters, you are ready to order. The only other thing we ask of you is to make sure the location where the dumpster will be kept is clear so that the dumpster delivery can run smoothly with little to no obstacles.

Dumpster Types and Sizes

There is no project, renovation, or cleanup that is too big or too small that Sourgum Waste can’t handle. That is why there are so many different dumpster types and sizes that we provide when you choose to work with our services. Below are the sizes we offer. Click on one to read more about how much it can hold and what dumpsters of that size are typically used for.

10 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

A 10 yard dumpster is the smallest size available, and is best if you do not have a lot of debris or the space to fit a larger dumpster. A 10 yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of material, about 4 pickup truck loads, typically holds approximately 2 tons of debris.

A 10 yard dumpster's dimensions that is offered by Sourgum Waste's rent a dumpster division.

Base Package:

Delivery and Pickup. 2 Tons of Disposal.
Transparent Pricing No Hidden Fees.

Enter your address or town to see pricing.

We're highly rated! Read our reviews here.

Dumpster Types Available for Rent in Gloucester County NJ

There are a ton of different dumpster types available, ranging from dirt dumpsters to roofing and tile dumpsters. The two below however are our most popular dumpster rentals.

You can dispose of concrete materials in our construction dumpsters. However, you must keep in mind that there are weight limits on our dumpsters. If you go over the weight limit, an extra charge will be made to your final fees. To prevent that issue, we have a dumpster just for heavy-weight concrete materials such as asphalt, block, and stone. You are also able to recycle these materials at specialty facilities near your home so long as they are free of contaminants. Concrete dumpsters are ideal for you if your projects consist of driveway and slab removals and whole house or business remodeling.

Sourgum Waste offers one-year contracts for commercial dumpsters. This is a perfect option for you if you are looking to rent a dumpster for all of your general waste management needs. We also take care of your regular trash and recycling needs, which ultimately lowers your cost. Learn more on our commercial dumpsters page

What Items Are Permitted for Disposal in Gloucester County?

Most waste can be thrown in a dumpster. However, there are some items that are considered hazardous waste and cannot be thrown out into any dumpster. This list shows some of the forbidden and permitted materials:

What you can throw in

What you cannot throw in

  • Household waste
  • Bulky furniture
  • Construction Debris
  • Yard waste
  • Appliances
  • Roofing
  • Lumber
  • Plastics
  • Dirt
  • Brick
  • Asbestos
  • Wet paint
  • Electronics
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Propane tanks
  • Hot water tanks
  • Pesticides
  • Cleaners

Gloucester County Clean Communities Program

Gloucester County's Clean Communities program was created to encourage local organizations to clean up assigned places in the area. Activities include Adopt-a-Road and cleaning county highways, which are reserved for young adults and adults. For participants in grades K-8, there is another program they can participate in called Adopt-a-Spot, which gives those children a chance to take responsibility for their own school grounds. Organizations that participate in this green initiative are rewarded with money for their organization.

To be able to participate, Gloucester County states participants must meet these criteria:

  1. Provide at least 10 people for a clean-up. (1 adult for every 5 students)

  2. Choose an area or we can appoint an area for your group.

  3. Sign the attached form to release the photos taken by the GCIA / Clean Communities Program for promotional use in the newspapers and or newsletters.

For more details, you can contact their office at (856-478-6045, ext.14) or visit their Clean Communities program website.

Sourgum Waste celebrates planting a tree for every dumpster rented

With Sourgum Waste You Make a Difference

When you rent a dumpster from us, you not only get great service and pricing, but you also make a positive impact on the planet. For every dumpster rented through Sourgum, we make a donation to One Tree Planted , an organization that specializes in reforestation efforts. Every order = one tree planted. Help us heal the planet one tree at a time and order your roll-off dumpster rental today!
Trees planted so far: 32,923

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We provide our services to residents all throughout Gloucester County. Whether you are located in Newfield, Clarksboro, or Franklin, our distinguishable customer service, transparent pricing, and sustainable practices will stay consistent. Gloucester County has its own say in third party rental services for its residents, but it is still important to check with your own town in case there are additional regulations to follow for your specific town. Select a town below to learn more about Sourgum Waste's services in your town.

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