How roofing dumpsters help

Cleaning up roofing debris can be tedious. Especially if you have to keep moving the material around on the ground. Roll-off containers for roofing make it easier by allowing you to throw the material directly into the dumpster.

We will place the dumpster close to the home or building so that debris can be tossed right in. As soon as you’re ready we'll haul it away for you.

With flat rate flexible pricing you’ll never see any surcharges or additional fees on your bill. Same day delivery is available and next business day delivery available. You can always count on Sourgum Waste to be at the job site for you.

A tree is planted for every roofing dumpster rented

Carbon neutral

We believe that we can make the waste management industry carbon neutral. That is why for every roofing dumpster rented we plant a tree!

Rent a roofing dumpster and Sourgum Waste plants a tree
Plant A Tree Program

Flexible weight limits

Depending on the size of your roofing job you may have a lot of heavy material, or only a couple tons. When ordering a roofing dumpster we give you the flexibility of setting a weight limit that makes sense for your job.

Roofing dumpsters come in two sizes: 10 yard and 20 yard dumpster. A 10 cubic yard container is most common. Their smaller size allows us to place them in the best location for you to easily load.

20 yard dumpster are great for larger roofs or ongoing projects with other debris. For bigger projects you can also rent more than one dumpster at a time to keep the job running smoothly.

Spanish roofing that can go into a dumpster rental

Fast and reliable service

Same day delivery and pick up available.

Personalized friendly support

Sourgum Waste team members are happy to answer any questions you have.

Material allowed in a roofing dumpster

All types of common roofing are allowed into the roll off container, as well as other common materials used in roofing.

Asphalt shingles, slate or tile and wooden shingles are all accepted in a roofing roll-off dumpster.

Common materials you would find on a roofing job such as felt paper, wood, roofing gravel, flashing and trim are also permitted.

Flexible rental periods

Complimentary rental periods. Extend with simple and affordable flat rate daily pricing.

Stay up to date

Receive live text message updates to know when to expect your dumpster.

Red 20 yard dumpster for roofing debris