Sourgum Waste Team

Alliance Disposal Becomes Sourgum Waste

We've Rebranded to Better Represent our Product and Mission for a Sustainable Future

Today marks the conclusion of our rebranding from Alliance Disposal to Sourgum Waste. The decision to shed the Alliance name comes after having secured our first round of funding in May of this year, and launching our expansion through the East Coast of the United States.

Alliance Disposal, backed by four generations of waste and recycling experience, was founded in 2019 in Jersey City, NJ. We have and will continue to aim to achieve Zero Waste in our industry by diverting trash from landfills, and planting trees for every order placed. As we set our eyes on national expansion, we were looking for a fresh new image to better represent our company, product and mission.

We landed on “Sourgum”, another name for the Black Gum or Black Tupelo, a tree native to our home state of New Jersey. Sourgums were also some of the first trees planted by Alliance Disposal as part of our carbon offsetting efforts.

Sourgum tree

“As our first round of funding came to a close, my co-founder and I knew we needed a new brand name to support the ambitious growth objectives we had just committed to. A name that was modern and lasting, just like the solutions that we provide. One that is disruptive, stands out from the bunch, and reflects our core values. Sourgum was the perfect culmination of all these things and we're excited to finally unveil our new name as we continue to take our business to new heights."

Joseph DiNardi-Mack, Sourgum Waste's co-founder and CEO

“Sourgum" represents the business' values as we expand across the United States. We favor strong and steady growth, much like the tough, almost unsplittable timber and deep root system of a Sourgum tree. Our company draws its strength from a resilient and adaptable team that rises to any challenge, just as the hardy Sourgum tree can thrive in almost any soil type or moisture level, and endure against most external threats.

“Sourgum” also represents the environmental focus of our company. Sourgum Waste is just as earth-loving as its namesake tree, one of the best nectar-producing plants and a favorite with pollinizers. The Sourgum tree's small bluish black fruit is also a nutritious treat for migrating birds.

The Sourgum tree even influenced the logo and color scheme for the Sourgum Waste rebrand. Our new icon depicts a leaf made up of 3 interlocked sections, symbolizing the three R's: reduce, reuse and recycle. The logo's vivid lime green hue, representing nature, growth and harmony, is borrowed from one of the many gorgeous shades that the Sourgum tree's leaves can take in its year-round metamorphosis.

Sourgum logo

The rebrand was conducted in-house by the Sourgum Waste -formerly Alliance Disposal- team, through a months-long collaborative effort, and made official today on September 21, 2022. is now redirecting to, and all brand assets have been updated to reflect our new identity.

We may have undergone a makeover, but nothing else changes. You can continue to expect the most fairly priced, reliable and friendly waste and recycling services you have been receiving from us all along!

Book a service online, or by (732) 366-9355 or Whatever communication method you prefer, we're only ever a few taps away.

New to this space? Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Sourgum Waste is a technology company that provides modern and lasting solutions to revolutionize the outdated waste management industry. We are America's first haulsourcing platform.

Using proprietary technology, we leverage our network of partnered haulers to provide users (you!) with efficient and sustainable waste & recycling services at the click of a button. Our friendly, US-based customer assists a range of clients, from homeowners to contractors and large corporations.

Founded in 2019 in Jersey City, NJ, and backed by four generations of waste & recycling experience, we are working toward our vision of achieving Zero Waste in the industry by diverting trash from landfills, and planting trees for every order placed.

We closed our first round of funding in May 2022 and have been quickly expanding through the US since then. At time of writing, we are servicing the areas of service the states of NJ and DE, as well as some of the largest metropolitan areas in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and DC. Checkout our most up-to-date list of Sourgum Waste service areas.

Sourgum Waste plants a tree for every dumpster rented
Looking for environmentally friendly waste options?

Sourgum Waste not only provides you with the best service, we also do everything we can to divert waste from landfills and into recycling streams. Not only that, we are a carbon neutral company!