The Best Mother’s Day Gift–Home Improvement

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As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, you might be frantically thinking “What is the best gift for Mother’s Day?”. The first thing that comes to mind might be flowers, jewelry, maybe even makeup or skin care products. But odds are, she already has all those things! If you want to make Mother’s Day 2023 a truly special day she will never forget, give her the gift of an improved home. With a home improvement project as a Mother’s Day gift, you’ll give her something she’ll actually use. Make this Mother’s Day memorable by finding the perfect home improvement project to surprise her.

What Is The Most Popular Mother’s Day Gift?

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, the classic standbys are earrings and necklaces, cosmetic products, and clothes. But none of these gifts have that truly personal touch.

This Mother’s Day try giving your mom the gift of a better home, something that will improve her quality of life and that she can use every day. Use your DIY skills to help her with a small home improvement project that will give her a more organized and updated living space.

What Gift Should I Make For Mother’s Day?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your mother loves a handmade gift that comes straight from the heart. Give your mom a present she can brag about to her friends with these home improvement projects: 

1. Kitchen backsplash redo

Installing a new backsplash is a great way to give your mom a fantastic kitchen upgrade this Mother’s Day. Redoing a backsplash is a surprisingly quick project that completely changes the look of a kitchen. If you know her style, you can go ahead and purchase the tiles for the backsplash yourself. If not, take her out to Home Depot or another home improvement store so she can choose the style of backsplash herself. Then, follow a DIY tutorial on installing a kitchen backsplash

2. Repaint her favorite room

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, restoring her favorite room with a brand-new paint job is a no-brainer. Surprise her with a fresh coat of the original wall color or to make her really happy, let her choose a new one.

3. Closet makeover

Show up on Mother’s Day with a brand new set of closet storage bins and organization tools, and instead of adding to the clutter in your mom’s wardrobe, you can help her get an organized closet. Adding additional storage space in her closet can help your mom sort her clothes more efficiently and upgrade her quality of life. 

4. Bathroom remodel 

A few simple touches can upgrade a bathroom. For a less-involved renovation project, you can simply replace light fixtures, hang up some art, and add some houseplants. For a more involved project, install a new bathroom vanity or repaint the walls. You can even replace her towels, shower curtains, and bath mats for the finishing touch. 

5. New furniture 

New furniture is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give. Chances are, your mom hasn’t bought new furniture in a while but has had her eye on some pieces in her favorite interior design magazines. She will love being treated to a new recliner or sofa in her favorite style. If she has an outdoor area, you can even purchase new outdoor furniture for her patio.

6. Deep clean and organize the house

This Mother’s Day, reverse the roles of mom and child and complete a full home cleaning for your mom. You can purchase tons of organization supplies for every room from a store like the Container Store to make sure she is able to keep her things organized. From the kitchen pantry to her jewelry box, helping her organize her things will make this a truly special Mother’s Day. 

7. Indoor or outdoor garden 

Does your mom love to garden? If you’re on a tight budget, she’s sure to enjoy a day in the garden with you as her helper. Arrive at her home with a bag of compost, a shovel, and some seedlings to bring her garden to life just in time for summer. You can do the same for Grandma as well. 

8. Build shelves 

Unless your mom is handy and can build them herself, she probably needs shelves somewhere in her house. One of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas is a set of custom-built shelves for her bedroom or living room. Create lasting memories by spending a little time with her to design and build the shelves together.

9. Kitchen light fixture replacement

Your mom might not like to admit it, but as she gets older, her eyesight is getting worse. Add task lighting on the kitchen counter space to make life easier for her, or replace an existing 

10. Yard renovation

Keeping a yard tamed is hard work, especially if the yard hasn’t been tended to in a while. If your mom has a back or front yard that is untamed, break out the lawnmower and get your hands dirty. Once you’ve cut back all the overgrown vegetation, you can even upgrade the yard by adding a water feature, a hammock chair, and a bench to give her the gift of relaxation.

11. Replace an appliance 

Everyone wants to give their mom something she’ll love. This Mother’s Day, give her what she really needs–a new appliance. Think bigger than a toaster or blender, though. One of the best kitchen appliances to get your mom for Mother’s Day is a new dishwasher or fridge.

12. Update flooring

Is your mom the type that doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day? Try giving her the gift of new flooring, and you’ll be as surprised as she is at how happy it makes her. You can work with her to choose which room she’d like to redo, and let her decide on the flooring she wants. From hardwood floors to tiles, the options are endless.

Pick A Home Improvement Project That Fits Your Budget

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on home improvement projects to make mom happy this Mother’s Day. Decide what your budget will be, and then choose a home improvement project that works within your budget. Simple projects like changing out a light fixture or building a flower box for your mom won’t cost much, and they will add a lot of value to her life. 

Not Just For Mom, But For Your Wife Too

Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t just for Mom. If you’ve found a small home improvement project that your mother will like, your wife will love it, too. Customized gifts like home improvement projects mean so much more to a wife and mother than flowers and a generic card.

Every Mom, Wife, and Woman Wants A Perfect Home

Personalized gifts that come from the heart are the best Mother’s Day presents. When you give your mom the unique gift of home improvement this Mother’s Day, she’ll be reminded of you every time she sees it, and that’s what she really wants.

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