Best Tools for Contractors 2023

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The Best Tools for Contractors

As a professional contractor or DIY enthusiast, choosing the best tools for the job can make all the difference in the quality of your work. Investing in the right high-quality tools is the best way to ensure your company's success. Explore some of the best tool brands for contractors with this in-depth look.

The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Tools 

For contractors and business owners, your tools are how you conduct your business, so investing in high-quality tools is important.

If you’re a professional, start with a brand that creates tools that will last and can withstand heavy use. That way, your tools will keep up with your craftsmanship and workflow.

Because DIYers don’t use their tools as much as professionals do, they have more brands to choose from and can purchase affordable tools that still deliver quality.

Whether you are a home hobbyist, a serious DIYer, or a professional, there are many benefits of investing in high-quality tools:

Longer lifespan: High-quality tools last longer as do their accessories and components, like batteries.

Improved safety: Quality tools are often made with better ergonomics and construction, reducing the potential for injury to the user. 

Reliability: The best tools are reliable, so you have fewer interruptions and increased productivity.

State-of-the-art technology: The top brands stay on top of cutting-edge trends in your industry, so you’ll always be able to purchase the best new tools when they become available.

Best Tool Brands for DIYers & Home Owners 

Here are the top five tool brands with pros and cons for each.


Craftsman tools on a table

Main Pro: 

Decent tool selection 

Main Con: 

Not as well made as they used to be, but they’re fine for most DIYers

Craftsman has been a well-known brand of tools for the home, lawn, and garden space since 1927. They were known for their unlimited lifetime warranty, which has now changed to a 25-year warranty. In 2017, Craftsman was purchased by Stanley Black & Decker, which is the same company that owns DeWalt tools. 


kobalt tools on a bench


Good quality for the pricepoint


Not as durable under harsh working conditions

Because Kobalt is Lowe’s house brand, it is less expensive than other tool brands. They have a wide selection of tools for DIY home improvement projects and the price-to-value ratio is better than most, so they are popular among homeowners.


ryobi tools on workbench


Highly affordable, with one of the best selections of battery-powered tools


Less heavy-duty than other major tool brands

Ryobi stands up to any challenges that most homeowners and DIYers can present. It’s a middle-tier tool brand that isn’t meant to be pushed as hard as professional tools, but they have a great selection at incredible prices.


metabo tools sitting on wood


Best tools for semi-professionals


Pricier, with a smaller tool selection than some brands  

Affordability meets dependability with the Metabo brand. Even though these tools are marketed to homeowners, they are durable enough for many contractors. They are leaders in battery technology and have a hassle-free warranty program.


hart tools sitting on a bench


Perfect for small home projects


Only available at Walmart and

Like Milwaukee, Ryobi, and many other household brands, Hart power tools are manufactured by Techtonic Industries. They are sold exclusively at Walmart and have a great price-to-value ratio. They have a good selection of battery-powered tools and a wide range of hand tools, making them a leading choice for home mechanics.

Best Tools for Contractors and Other Professionals 

Professionals need different kinds of tools that can handle a lot of use. If you’re looking for the best power tool brands, the ones on this list beat the competition in every category.


milwaukee power drill tools


Ergonomic designs and anti-slip gripping surfaces


More expensive than other brands

Known for their durability, Milwaukee brand tools are the top choice for professionals like plumbers, electricians, and metalworkers. Milwaukee has the best cordless tools for contractors, and they have a wide variety of power and hand tools for every job.


dewalt tools workbench


High-quality and dependable


Impact wrenches and drills don’t have the power and speed to outcompete other brands

DeWalt has an excellent lineup of power and hand tools with good performance and reliability across the board. There are over 200 tools in the 18V product line, and the new 20V Max is designed for compact power and offers an even better selection with a wide range of tools for various applications. 


makita power drill


Good reputation and innovative technology geared toward professionals


More expensive than many other brands

Makita’s new standalone 40V system of tools is a game changer. It delivers more power and torque, and this new line of power tools is built for industrial applications and can withstand tough environmental conditions. To top it off, Makita competes with Milwaukee and DeWalt in every category and has lower prices.


ridgid tools on the floor


Good quality for the price, with a great warranty


Battery life is average, not suited for heavy-duty jobs

Ridgid is another brand in the Techtonic Industries portfolio, and they’ve been making some of the most reliable and affordable tools for years. They are more affordable than the top three power tool brands for contractors but deliver quality at a great price. They are one of the best tool brands for woodworkers, and they recently added to their lineup of available power tools.


bosch tools


Good quality, good reputation, and more affordable


They don’t have as wide a tool selection as other brands

Bosch is a well-known German brand that makes rock-solid quality tools, and for professionals and serious DIYers, Bosch power tools offer a budget-friendly choice. With their next-gen Lithium-ion battery technology, they have a lot of decent 18V tools available, and they are often the best choice when it comes to corded power tools. 

What to Look for When Buying Tools 

Choosing the best power tool for a job on a construction site is a lot different than finding the best hand tools for mechanics. But in general, you’ll want to pay attention to the same key factors when making decisions about which tools to buy for your project.

Tool Quality & Price

Quality should be the number one thing you’re looking for when purchasing any tool. Look for signs of durability in the construction, like high-quality materials and a precise fit between the parts. 

Price should be considered next, and most of the time, a higher price has a direct correlation to better quality tools, but that’s not always the case. Still, don’t be afraid to pay more for a higher-quality tool that will last longer.

Brand Popularity

Some tool brands are popular for a reason! Brands can be a good indicator of quality, so try to stick to well-known tool brands when making a purchase. Many brands will offer tools specifically designed for their line of products, so it is important to understand how specific tools fit into their lineup. 

Warranty & Repair Policies

Most tool companies stand behind their products and offer warranties or repair policies in case of a defect or malfunction. Make sure to read the fine print on a company’s warranty before making a purchase. Usually, a tool with a longer warranty and repair policy is a higher quality tool.

Customer Reviews

Most tool retailers offer customer reviews or ratings on their websites to show what buyers say about a product. Take the time to read through these reviews and assess the overall customer experience. 

Generally, the higher the reviews, the better the tool will be. Remember that one tool might work for one person and their project but may not work for you and your project. 

Battery vs. Corded

When it comes to battery-powered tools vs. corded power tools, some brands meet quality standards in both categories, while others are better at one or the other. You can pick and choose the best brand for your project with corded tools, but with battery-powered tools, it’s easier to stay with one brand. Some brands, like Ryobi, have a solid lineup of battery-powered tools, but there is nothing exceptional about their corded counterparts. 

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