Lower your waste bill

By compacting your waste fewer trips to the landfill are needed. Saving you money and reducing carbon emissions.

Compacting your trash means you do not need as many waste containers. Having less containers not only saves you money, but also frees up more space on your property.

Flat rate billing makes sure you know what you’re going to pay each and every month with no surprises. We don’t believe in hidden fees or surcharges.

Ease of use

Compactors are easy to use. Simply place your waste into the hopper and let the compactor do the rest. Freeing up your personnel to do more important things.

Whether you generate solid or wet waste it is no problem for our compactors. Tight seals prevent any leakage or spillage onto your property keeping it safe and clean.

Locking mechanisms are also available to prevent any unwanted waste from going in or out of your compactor. Keeping the load secure until collection.

Dumpster compactors make bales of recyclables such as cardboard bales

A style for every need

No matter what type of business you run we have a compactor style that meets your needs and space requirements.

Self-contained and compaction containers. Designed to handle wet waste, processed food and medical waste. Sealed tight keeping pests away, reducing fires and controlling any odors. Perfect for warehouses, restaurants, offices, grocery stores and schools.

Vertical compactors. Designed for tight spaces. Best for dry waste, cardboard, paper and other recyclables.

Apartment and high rise compactors. Hand feed or through a chute system depending on your needs. Easy to operate with no training. Best for dry waste and low volumes.

Add-ons. Customize a compactor to fit your needs with additional add-ons. Deodorizers, fans, safety switches and more.

Recycling compactor solutions

If you have a large amount of recyclables in your waste stream and are using multiple containers, it’s time to switch to a single compactor or baler.

If your recycling stream is a heavy mix between plastics, paper and cardboard a compactor is perfect for you.

If your recyclables are mainly cardboard a baler will save you space and money. By bailing your cardboard you only need a small baler that has a small footprint. You can move the bales it produces to a holding place that is convenient for you. Our trucks will come load the bales and take them away for you.

Unlock the savings

Start saving money by swapping out your old containers with a compacting system.

A blue 30 yard roll off dumpster compactor