Clear & simple pricing

Sourgum Waste believes in providing straight forward pricing. There are never any hidden fees or surcharges. Our contracts are only for one-year.

Bundle recycling and waste removal to save. When you use Sourgum Waste for waste and recycling you're rewarded for helping clean up the waste stream and protecting the environment.

No matter your type of business or how much waste you generate we'll help reduce your bill.

Stuck in a contract?

We can help get you out of any contract.

Free waste audit

Set up an appointment and we will review the most cost effective way for you to discard your waste.

The right size for you

Choose from a wide selection of 2 to 8 cubic yard dumpsters. Customize your dumpster with wheels, locks or even choose for it to be made of lightweight durable plastic.

Are you tight on space and heavy with waste? We have small compactors that can meet your needs.

Need something bigger? We also have large roll-off compactors.

2 - 8 yard commercial dumpsters

Roll Off Compactors

Self contained compactors can reduce haul frequency by 75%.

Fully sealed. Ideal for high-liquid content waste from supermarkets, apartment complexes, malls, hotels and hospitals.

Designed for businesses with space constraints and high volumes of waste.

Recurring commercial dumpster rentals. 2 - 8 yards and compactors

Save time and money

Sourgum Waste has partnered with a variety of reliable haulers, giving us access to the best pricing.

This saves you time and anywhere from 5% to 50% on your waste and recycling bill.