Why use a dumpster for yard waste

Landscaping projects take time and trips to the landfill only slow you down. A dumpster for yard cleanups make your projects run smoother, keep your work area cleaner and save you time.

We divert as much organic waste from landfills as possible, by sending the material to recycling facilities that turn it into mulch and other products. Best of all we save you money by doing so.

Flat rate pricing ensures that you always know what you’re going to pay without any surprises. We don’t believe in hidden fees or surcharges.

A tree that represents Sourgum Waste's dumpsters for yard waste, trees and storm debris.
A group of tree saplings growing in pots ready to be planted. Sourgum Waste plants a tree for every yard waste dumpster rented.

You planted a tree

While you may be cleaning up a downed tree, you are also planting one. For every yard waste dumpster rented Sourgum Waste has one tree planted!

A badge showing that Sourgum Waste donates to One Tree Planted for every yard waste dumpster rented so that a tree can be planted.
Plant A Tree Program

Weight limits that make sense

Leaves and branches are light, so why get charged for more than you need.

Depending on your location we’ll either fit you with a ton limit that makes sense for your needs. Or you’ll enjoy a flat rate with no ton limit, fill the container up to the rim and pay one price.

Variety of sizes

Dumpster come in four main sizes to help meet the needs of your specific project.

10 yard dumpsters are great regular yard maintenance and small cleanup projects.

20 yard dumpsters can handle the clean up of multiple small trees and shrubs.

30 yard dumpsters are needed for larger lawns or complete landscape redesigns.

40 yard dumpsters are best for storm debris cleanups and commercial landscaping projects.

Loading a yard waste dumpster

All dumpsters come with a door in the rear, making loading the dumpster easy. Either throw material in over the sides or walk it in through the door.

For yard waste dumpsters you can only throw in acceptable materials, otherwise there could be a contamination fee.

Acceptable materials include leaves, grass clippings, shrubs and branches. They can be be chipped, bagged, loose or whole.

Logs under four inches in diameter are accepted. Stumps are allowed in some locations. If you have stumps or larger logs contact us and we’ll help find the best disposal solution for you.

Fast and reliable service

Same day delivery and pick up available.

A green tube style 20 yard dumpster. You can rent a yard waste dumpster from Sourgum Waste.