Why rent a concrete dumpster

It's no secret, concrete is heavy. Construction roll-off container rentals come with appropriate weight limits for general construction waste. But if you have only concrete, or a lot of it, the weight limit can easily be exceeded. Shooting up the cost.

That is why we offer special dumpster rental pricing specifically for concrete, asphalt, block and stone. These materials can be recycled at specialty facilities, so long as they are free of contaminants.

Concrete dumpsters are ideal for driveway and slab removals, tearing down retaining walls, and home or business remodels.

Flat rate all inclusive pricing eliminates any surprises from your bill. The price you see is the price you pay. Simple and transparent. The way it should be.

Rent a concrete dumpster and Sourgum Waste will plant a tree

Making a difference

We do more than just recycle your concrete. For every concrete dumpster rented we plant a tree in a forest in need!

This concrete dumpster rental service will plant one tree
Plant A Tree Program

Maximum weight

Depending on your state's laws concrete and other heavy debris dumpster can come with either a 10 ton or a 15 ton weight limit. The maximum allowable to travel on the road.

You also have the choice of using a 10 yard or 20 yard dumpster for concrete. With the 20 cubic yard dumpster you are only allowed to fill it half way. If it is filled to the top it will be over the legal limit and not allowed on the road.

Fast and reliable service

Same day delivery and pick up available.

Personalized friendly support

Sourgum Waste team members are happy to answer any questions you have.

Acceptable materials

There are a few types of heavy debris that qualify for concrete dumpster pricing at different rates.

Clean concrete. Concrete that is free of trash, rebar, roots or other contaminants. Painted concrete is acceptable so long as it is not lead-based paint.

Concrete with metal. Concrete with rebar or other metal can be hauled away. The disposal rate will be higher than clean concrete as the metal will be have to be extracted from the concrete.

Asphalt and/or brick. Whether from removing pavement or a building demolition it can all go in.

Mixed heavy debris. Any combination of the above can be mixed together. The disposal rate will be higher than if they were separated however.

Acceptable materials for a concrete dumpster rental

What cannot go into a concrete dumpster

In order to qualify for heavy debris pricing the material may not be contaminated.

Concrete slurry. Solid concrete is acceptable, however concrete slurry is not. Concrete slurry is a mixture of sand, cement, water and sometimes lime. Contact us for disposal of cement slurry.

Trash and other debris. Other construction waste, household trash or materials not listed as acceptable are not allowed into a concrete or heavy debris dumpster. Doing so can result in contamination fees. Use a household items or construction debris dumpster rental instead.

Flexible rental periods

Complimentary rental periods. Extend with simple and affordable flat rate daily pricing.

Stay up to date

Receive live text message updates to know when to expect your dumpster.

Dumpster rental for concrete